Descendants of Elijah O'Quin(n)

Generation No. 1

1. ELIJAH O'QUINN was born Abt. 1800 in SC, and died July 1838.  He married MARY EDWARDS.  (Some have his
wife recorded as Annie McClellan) .She died July 1838.   Elijah and his family moved from the Carolina’s to Georgia in
1831. In 1834-35 the family moved to Florida  and settled on the Santa Fe River.  A Short time later the family was
murdered by Indians near Fort Harley.  Fort Harley is located 8 miles east of Lake City, FL on the Santa Fe at Olustee

Records of the massacre are found in Huxford’s book on early settlers in Georgia.  It has been told by relatives that
Elijah and his family crossed the river to pick peaches from an unattended orchard. They were almost finished when
they were suddenly attacked.  Elijah, his wife one son and the daughter were killed on the spot.  Their son James was
spared because of a dog which took him by the collar into the water and kept the Indians away from him.

Another family story suggests that the sister was not killed but taken alive back to the Indian reservation.  After several
attempts to rescue her failed, it was told that she grow up and became the mother of Indian children, more than likely
she out her life and died with the Indians.  See the article in the
St. Augustine Herald, dated July 2, 1838.

Served in the Florida Seminole War:
Enlisted: November 15, 1835 for a period of 4 months
in Alligator, FL (now Lake City) Columbia County
On Company Muster Roll under Captain Roberts' Co. 6
November 15, 1835  to March 16, 1836
Rank: Corporal

Enlisted again June 16, 1837 for a period of 6 months at
Fort White was issued a black horse.
His name appears as such:  Elijah O'Quin, pvt. -black horse- 8 miles
Number next to name indicates  number of miles from rendevous.

Elijah O'Quin and his wife Mary were both killed by
indians. The story goes that they were found tied to a peach tree.
Story reported in "The Florida Herald", July 8, 1838 and the
Niles Register, August 1838

Source: Florida Militia, Seminole Indian War, National Archives

Children of ELIJAH O'QUINN and MARY EDWARDS are:
2.        i.        JAMES BATES2 O'QUINN, b. April 24, 1827, Colleton, SC; d. March 26, 1914, GA.
ii.        GIRL O'QUINN, b. Abt. 1825.
iii.        BOY O'QUINN, b. Bet. 1825 - 1830.
iv.        GIRL O'QUINN, b. Bet. 1820 - 1825.
v.        BABY O'QUINN, b. Bet. 1835 - 1838.

Generation No. 2

2.  JAMES BATES O'QUINN (ELIJAH1) was born April 24, 1827 in Colleton, SC, and died March 26, 1914 in GA. Some
previous information suggests that James was from the Barnwell District in SC.  An Elijah Guin family is found on the
Cenus records of Colleton County in 1830.  Jamesmarried MARY LOU JOHNSON, daughter of DUNCAN JOHNSON
and LOU JOICE SELLARS.  She was born 1837, and died 1918.  

Children of JAMES O'QUINN and MARY JOHNSON are:     
    i.        MARY LOU3 O'QUINN, b. 1856.
.       ii.        ELIJAH DUNCAN O'QUINN, b. 1857.
   iii.        JAMES L. O'QUINN, b. 1862, Clinch County, GA; d. December 31, 1937.
    iv.        GEORGE O'QUINN, b. 1863; d. 1873.
     v.        WILLIAM S. O'QUINN, b. 1864; m. LURANEY WAINWRIGHT.
    vi.        JOHN M. O'QUINN, b. April 10, 1867, Folkston, Georgia; d. May 11, 1932.
    vii.        SAMUEL MANCE O'QUINN, b. January 18, 1874, Clinch County, GA; d. April 24, 1951

James Bates O'Quinn moved to Clinch County shortly before the War Between The States.  He was one of the first
residents of the newly established town of Homerville in 1860-61.  Later on he acquired some land in land lot 412,
12th District.  He lived there a year or two during the war.

He enlisted in Company "I", 4th Georgia Calvary, a Confederate Company raised at Homerville In January 1863.  Due
to differences with his officers, James left his command and moved to Picolatta, Florida, near Jacksonville, which
territory was under Federal control.  He later enlisted in the United States Army and served until the end of the war.

In 1866 James returned to Clinch County for a brief time and then moved back to Baker County, Floirda.  Finally in
1873, he moved to the Buffalo community in lower Wayne County, now part of Brantley County, and then to Charlton
County where he lived until his death in 1914.  

James' wife, Mary Lou, was born in 1837, probably in Appling County, Georgia.  She died in 1918.  James and Mary
are buried in the Dowling Cemetery near the Satilla River in Brantley County.

It has been told that James was raised by the BATES family, after his parents &
siblings were killed by Indians in 1838.  He took the middle name of BATES to
honor them.  It is believed his given middle name was originally Baird or Briant.
He refuse to change his middle name back when he became an adult.

Generation No. 3

3.  MARY LOU O'QUINN (JAMES BATES2, ELIJAH1) was born 1856.  She married JESSE TESTON, son of WILLIAM
TESTON and MARTHA NETTLES.  He was born 1852.

Children of MARY O'QUINN and JESSE TESTON are:
iii.        JESSE TESTON.
iv.        VERELLA TESTON, m. SINCLAIR RILEY DRURY, March 20, 1902, Charlton County, GA; b. August 26, 1876,
v.        WALTER TESTON.
vi.        ARDELLA TESTON.
vii.        CHRISTOPHER TESTON, b. October 21, 1895; d. May 14, 1963, Camden County, Georgia.
viii.        LOUGENIA TESTON, m. AUSTEN ROBERT WESLEY DRURY, February 19, 1892; b. February 14, 1871; d.
November 17, 1945.

4.  ELIJAH DUNCAN O'QUINN (JAMES BATES2, ELIJAH1) was born 1857.  He married MARGARET THOMAS January
02, 1881.  She was born 1853.

i.        THOMAS O'QUINN, b. September 1881.
ii.        LILLIAN D. O'QUINN, b. May 1883.
iii.        ELIJAH D. O'QUINN JR., b. August 1884, Charlton County, GA; m. AVIE E..
iv.        DAVID E. O'QUINN, b. April 1886.
v.        HARDIE E. O'QUINN, b. January 1888.
vi.        MARGARET AGNES O'QUINN, b. July 1890.
vii.        BANNER O'QUINN, b. June 1893.

5.  JAMES L. O'QUINN (JAMES BATES2, ELIJAH1) was born 1862 in Clinch County, GA, and died December 31,
1937.  He married JANE SPRADLEY January 19, 1882.  

Children of JAMES O'QUINN and JANE SPRADLEY are:
i.        JAMES P. O'QUINN, b. December 26, 1883.
ii.        ESTELL O'QUINN, b. 1889.
iii.        MILTON E. O'QUINN, b. November 1899.

6.  William Stewart O'QUINN (James Bates2, Elijah1) was born January 20, 1862, porbably in Clinch County.He
married Luraney "Renae" WAINWRIGHT on February 8, 1888.  Renae was born September 6, 1872.  She was the
daughter of Andrew Jackson WAINWRIGHT and Nancy Roddenberry.  Andrew Jackson WAINWRIGHT was the son of
James WAINWRIGHT, Jr. and Mary MURHEE..

Renae's mother Nancy Roddenberry, was the daughter of Henry RODDENBERRY, Sr. and Nancy ELLIS.  The
Roddenberry's were an old well establish family in Southeast Georgia.  Henry was born in Bulloch County in 1803 and
died in Charlton County in 1861.  Henry moved to Ware County about 1835 and settled near the county line between
Ware and Camden counties.  He was on both county censuses in 1840 and 1850.  In 1854, in the creation of Charlton
County, he found himself in the new county of Charlton.  Henry was elected to the office of tax-collector in 1855.  In
1856 he was elected Coroner of Charlton County.

** i.    Charlie H.              b. 1879   m. Annie Elizabeth Mixon  (step-son of Raene)
ii.    Leam                     b.  1888  d. 1902 at age 14
iii.    Mary Ellen              b.  1892   m. Louis William
iv.  Tyler Jackson          b.  1894   m. Maggie Nolie HARRIS
v.   Nancy Elizabeth       b.   1896 m. Wm. Robert "Buddy" Jones
vi.  Ira                            b.  1899  m. Charlie Brooker
vii.  William Gordon        b.  1902   m. Bessie EDGE
viii.  George Cleveland    b.  1905  m. Amanda HARRIS
ix.  Walton                      b. 1908  m. Georgia HOBB
x.  Vandilla                    b. 1910  m. Ardell JONES
xi.  One child died young-name unknown

**Charlie H. was born to William's first wife, rumored to be an "Indian Princess", possibly married by Indian customs.  
William married Renae in 1888 and their first child was Leam.

One of the most interesting stories about William Stewart reflected his love and compassion for his neighbors.  
Although he was a farmer by occupation, whenever a neighbor died, William would make a coffin, sometimes working
late at night to finish it, and never charged anything for his labor.  Eula Mae O'Quinn Stephens remembers as a little
girl seeing her grandfather making coffins.  William lost his eye sight and worked blind the last four or five years of his

William died in March 1946.  Renae died on April 6, 1944.  Both are buried in Dowling Cemetery in Brantley County.  
This cemetery was originally named O'Quinn/Dowling Cemetery.

(Information on William Stewart O'Quinn are from the notes of Thelma O'Quinn Schumann , daughter of Georgle
Cleveland O'Quinn.)

7..  JOHN M.O'QUINN (JAMES BATES2, ELIJAH1) was born April 10, 1867 in Folkston, Georgia, and died May 11,
1932.  He married ARLENA FRANCES MINCHEW, daughter of JOHN MINCHEW and DORA DENNISON.  She was born
March 05, 1867, and died July 07, 1952.

Children of JOHN O'QUINN and ARLENA MINCHEW are:
i.        FRANCES O'QUINN, b. Abt. 1894; m. OLIVER CLEVELAND DRURY, April 30, 1916, Camden County, Georgia;
b. July 26, 1885.
ii.        STEPHEN B. O'QUINN, b. Abt. 1888.  (James Brown "Steve" O'Quinn)
iii.        JOHN COLLARD O'QUINN, b. February 1891; d. March 30, 1953.
iv.        RANDALL LEWIS O'QUINN, b. June 09, 1905; d. April 30, 1930.

SAMUEL MANCE O'QUINN (JAMES BATES2, ELIJAH1) was born January 18, 1874 in Clinch County, GA, and
died April 24, 1951 in Brunswick, GA.  He married ROSA LEE DRURY February 10, 1892, daughter of DAVID DRURY
and SUSANNAH SYKES.  She was born September 07, 1880 in Charlton County, GA, and died September 09, 1938 in
Brunswick, Georgia.  Mance O'Quinn is buried at Palmetto Cemetery in Brunswick, Georgia. Mance and Rosa Lee
were diivorced and Rosa Lee remarried to Joel Henry GREEN.
Rosa Lee GREEN is buried in Palmetto Cemetery in Brunswick, GA.

First name Samuel

Occupation: Logger

Burnt foot when he stepped on hot coals, lost a couple of toes.

Children of SAMUEL O'QUINN and ROSA DRURY are:
i.        MARY O'QUINN, b. Abt. 1891.

Notes for MARY O'QUINN:
Mary died young, it is not know if she died single. It is believed
she died before 1924.

ii.        MARGARET VICTORIA O'QUINN, b. May 02, 1896, Georgia; d. June 06, 1975, Brunswick, Georgia; m. (1)
JAMES H. GRIFFIS, June 08, 1911, Camden County, Georgia1; m. (2) WILLIE SMITH, 1921; b. Abt. 1904; m. (3)

  DONNIE ISADORA O'QUINN, b. July 10, 1898, GA; d. March 11, 1990, Brunswick, GA; m. HENRY SMITH,
October 14, 1916, Charlton County, GA; b. October 07, 1891, Nassau County, FL; d. November 15, 1968, Brunswick,

iv.        CARRIE LEE O'QUINN, b. April 28, 1907; d. February 15, 1954, Brunswick, GA; m. (1) FOY GREEN; m. (2)
DAN FRENO, Abt. 1940.


1. Camden County , GA Marriage Records
2. Thelma “Dee” O’Quinn Schumann (gg Grandaughter of Elijah O’Quinn) daughter of George C. O'Quinn
3. Pioneers of Wiregrass, Georgia by Folks Huxford

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