Descendants of General Washington Smith

1st Generation

My direct Line is in RED

was born in 1784 in North Carolina, his parents’ names are not known at this time. It is
believed, but not proven, that he may have been married twice.  It is recorded that a General SMITH
married a Margaret WHITE in Bulloch Co., GA on June 23, 1814.  It’s possible that Margaret died shortly
afterward, perhaps in childbirth.   General married Laney WIGGINS on July 5, 1818 in Liberty Co., GA.  
General served in the 1st Seminole War in Captain Andrew F. Fraser’s Company.  The men of Fraser’s
company were signed up at Darien or Ricebourrough for a period of 6 months, beginning January 2, 1818.
General and his family were living in Wayne County, Georgia in 1850.  The 1850 Census of Wayne County,
shows General’s occupation as “Wheelwright”. It is pretty certain that General and Laney had more
children than those listed below. These were found on the 1850 Census of Wayne County.  Most likely,
older children were already living on their own.

Children of General SMITH and Laney WIGGINS were:

1.  Martha Smith                                   b. abt. 1832  (nothing more known)

 Archibald Smith    (CSA)               b. abt 1833 m. Mary Ann Hatcher

3.  Sampson Smith                                b. abt 1835  (nothing more known) CSA 26th Infantry Regiment

4.  Lucy Smith                                        b. abt. 1837 (nothing more known)

5.  America Smith                                   b. abt. 1838 (nothing more known)   

Living next door to General Smith was a Simon Smith and his wife Dorcas Warner, Simon is listed as age 43,
and Dorcas is age 27.  They were married in 1846 and have no children.  It's possible that Simon Smith is an
older son of General's from a previous marriage or possibly a relative.  There also might be a connection
to General  George Matthew SMITH, born in 1831, he is not found on he 1850 census of Wayne County, but
is found on the 1860 Census. He married Sarah WARNER, daughter of  William Warner and Sarah AMMONNS
and he served in the same regiment as Sampson SMITH.  I list him here only as a
possibility, there is no

(General1) was born April 7, 1831.  He married Sarah Warner,  daughter of  William Warner and Sarah
Ammons. He served in the 26th Infantry Regiment, GA CSA, and was captured at Spotslyvania, Virginia on
May 20 1864.  He died of pneumonia while imprisoned in Elmira, New York.  He is buried at the National
Cemetery in Elmira.  General M. and Sarah had the following children

i.  Emmiline                      b. July 24, 1856                 m. George Washington Parrot   
ii.  Franklin Layfette        b.  October 27, 1858        m.  Mary M. Purdom
iii.  Arra Ann                     b.  August 4, 1861            m.  Curtis Highsmith

2nd Generation

ARCHIBALD SMITH was born about 1833, he married Mary Ann Hatcher. In 1860 he and his family are living
in Pierce County, GA.  In the book  “The History of Pierce County”, it states that Archibald is listed as
eligible for duty  for the War Between the States. Archie was killed while in service, July 30, 1864 while in
battle at Newnan, GA.   Mary Ann remarried after his death to a Mr. Henry Lloyd, November 4, 1878.  
Archibald and Mary Ann had the following children:

i.  Elizabeth SMITH                b. about 1853              m. Nathan GWINN (Guinn)
(In the “History of Pierce Co. GA, it says that Elizabeth married Nathan  GAVIN, but after further research,
this is proved to be incorrect).  Elizabeth actually married Nathan GUINN/GWINN son of Elijah GUINN.

ii.  Mary Jane  SMITH        b. about 1855             m. Tillman ADAMS

iii.   Ebenezer  SMITH       b. about 1858                died young

William M. SMITH        b. January 13, 1860      m.  Sarah E. DAVIS

v.  Frances Smith              b. 1863                           m. James JOHNS

Notes on Archie Smith

He served with 24th Battalion GA Cavalry Co. A, may have been with another unit previous to this, as
he was recorded as being hospitalized in Aug. 1862.

The 24th Cavalry Battalion was formed during the early spring of 1863 with three companies, later
increased to four. The unit served in the Savannah River area and in January, 1864, totalled 298 effectives.
In the spring it merged into the 7th Georgia Cavalry Regiment. Major Edward C. Anderson, Jr. commanded
the battalion.

Chimborazo Hospital No. 5
Richmond, Virginia
Disease: Rheumatism  Aug, 7, 1862- Aug. 20, 1862 (not sure the year is correct on records) As he was not
with the 24th Battalion unil 1863...and the 7th in 1864..(this is included in his record with the 7th)

He then served with the
7th Cavalry Regiment, Co. G

The 7th Cavalry Regiment was organized during the spring of 1864 at Rome, Georgia. It was formed by
consolidating the 21st and 24th Georgia Cavalry Battalions and J.L. McAllister's Hardwick Mounted Rifles.
The men were recruited in Augusta and Hardwick and the counties of Miller, Randolph, Banks, and Wayne.
Ordered to Virginia, the regiment was placed in P.M.B. Young's and Gary's Brigade, Army of Northern
Virginia. It participated in The Wilderness Campaign and later the battles about Cold Harbor and conflicts
south of the James River. Sent to Georgia, the 7th Cavalry was dismounted and with 200 men took part in
the defense of Savannah. It returned to Virginia and continued the fight around Petersburg and
Appomattox. The unit surrendered 3 officers and 39 men. Colonel William P. White, Lieutenant Colonel
Joseph L. McAllister, and Majors Edward C. Anderson, Jr. and John N. Davies were in command.

Transferred to 63rd Regiment, GA Volunteer
by order of Brig. Gen. Mercer, April 17, 1864

NOTE:  Found old notes of an ARCHIE SMITH, Co I 63rd Regiment, GA buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in
Newman GA.   I believe this may be the grave of our ancestor.  At this point, I have confirmed to my
satisfaction  that this is our ancestor.

Newnan, during the Civil War, was known as the "hospital city" of the Confederacy," having seven field
hospitals. It was located on the Atlanta and West Point Railroad during the War. A cavalry battle, the Battle
of Brown's Mill, was fought near here on July 30, 1864, between Union Brig. Gen. E.M. McCook's 3,600 men
and Confederate Maj. Gen. "Fighting" Joe Wheeler's 1,400 men. Wheeler routed the Union forces,
capturing 2,000 (a full battery) and releasing 500 Confederate prisoners who had been captured days
earlier by Gen. Edward McCook in Fayetteville. Wheeler's message Interior Hospital View. to Gen. John

A large Confederate cemetery with 268 soldiers, many of whom died in the hospitals located here and
some whom died at the Battle of Brown's Mill. All but two are identified, a testament to the efficiency of
local hospitals.

* I-85 south to exit 47. Turn right off of the exit ramp onto Bullsboro Dr. Bullsboro becomes Jackson St.
Cemetery on both sides of Jackson.

Archie Smith was killed in battle on July 30, 1864 in Newnan, Georgia   (click here for picture of headstone)

A Memorial Stone for Archibald SMITH has been placed at the Confederate Memorial Wall in Waynesville,
GA on August 23, 2003.  Sponsored by Grgr Grandchildren.

3rd Generation

WILLIAM M. SMITH (Archibald2, General1) was born January 13, 1860 in
Pierce County, Georgia.  It is believed that he moved to Florida with his mother and siblings after the
death of his father.   William married Sarah E. DAVIS on June 9, 1881 in Nassau County. Sarah Davis was a
daughter of John DAVIS.  Her siblings are believed to be, Daniel, Theresa, Monroe, Deloniga, Levi, John W.
and Ella.  William was known as being a an expert fisherman. “ He could catch them when all others failed,
and his services were always in demand. “ Shorty after 1900, William and his family moved to Folkston, GA,
where he spent his remaining years.  William married 2nd to Lugenia Westbury after the death of Sarah.  
William died October 29, 1952 and is buried at Pineview Cemetery in Folkston, Ga next to his wife,
Lougenia, who died in 1960.

William and Sarah had the following known children:

i.  Mathew Smith                 b. abt 1883                m. Gussie Minchew
ii.  Frank Smith                    b. May 5, 1886           m. Ellie Barber
iii.  Sallie Smith                     b. abt 1889             (nothing more known)
 Henry Smith                   b. October 7, 1891   m. Donnie I. O’QUINN
v.  Louisa Smith                  b. abt.  1894            (nothing more known)
vi.  Willie Smith                    b. abt  1896
vii. Clara Smith                    b.  abt.  1898   
vii. Harley  Smith                  b. abt. 1904               m. Bertha (unknown)  moved to Savannah

William and Lougenia had the following known children, there may be others:

1,  James Randell Smith  b. January 5, 1910 d. Sept. 1950
James had a daughter:  Sherry Smith m. T. R. May

2. Nellie Lee Smith, born 1912  m. James Corbitt

4th Generation of General W. SMITH

HENRY SMITH, (William3, Archibald2, General1)
Henry was born October 7, 1891 in Nassau County, Florida, the son of William SMITH and Sarah E. DAVIS.  
He married Donnie Isadora O’QUINN in Charlton County, GA, October 14, 1916.  Donnie is the daughter of
Samuel Mance O’QUINN and Rosa Lee DRURY. Henry and Donnie lived in Folkston until the early 1930’s
and their first  nine children were born there.  Their hardships were many.  In 1918 they lost their first son,
Pohmlee, at the age of 18 months to cholera.  Their son Glen was born with Hydrocephalus, and died at the
age of nine years in 1938.   Their third born son, R.V. was reported missing in action during World War II.  It
wasn’t until much later and after many letters to Congressmen and Senators that it was determined that he
had been killed.  R. V. was a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne, he had been injured and was being
evacuated to England on D-Day, June 6, 1944.  The ship that he and others were evacuated on never
reached England, and it was presumed to have hit a mine in the English Channel.  All aboard were lost.

Henry moved his family to Brunswick, Georgia in the middle 1930’s. He worked for Hercules Powder
Company for many years as a security guard.   He had a stocked fish pond on his property that he dug
himself, beginning with a shovel.  When it became bigger than he could handle, he had to resort to a
backhoe. Henry was also a good “farmer , growing most,  if not all of his family’s fruits and vegetables.  
There was a large cornfield on the property and well as huckleberry bushes, a watermelon patch, and a
vegetable garden.  The family also had pigs, chickens and a mule.   Henry lost one eye due to a disease
that caused his eye to harden, a clear glass eye replaced the one that he lost.   He used to tease all his
grandchildren, by taking his eye out and pretending to put it in his mouth.   He would roll his tongue
around his mouth, making all of us believe that it was in there.   We were all fascinated!  He was always
doing little tricks like that to entertain us.

Henry and Donnie had the following children:

i.  Pohmlee SMITH        b.  Dec.  9, 1917        d. June 4, 1919  (Cholera)

ii.  Carnell SMITH            b.  Dec.  7,  1920 d. August 22, 1978  m. Vivian WISE

iii.  R.V.        SMITH        b.  June 23, 1922        d. June 6, 1944  

 Calvin SMITH         m. 1. Jewell BOWERS, 2. Julia Strickland
                                               3. Rose GUEST, 4. Thelma (Collins) Phillips

v.   Henry Harrell SMITH       b.  March 23, 1926  d. Jan. 19, 1985 m. Betty (?)

vi.  Glen F. SMITH         b.   April 19, 1928     d.  Jan. 26, 1938  (Hydrocephalus)

vii.  Cleo P.  SMITH         b.  Feb. 28, 1930  m. Oris USHER

viii.  Albert L. SMITH      b.  Oct. 23, 1933  d. Feb. 10, 2000   m.  Dorothy  GUEST

ix.  Franklin C.  SMITH    m. 1st. Eva WILLIAMS,
                                                              2nd. Gwendolyn MARR Tillman

x.   Rosa Winnell SMITH b. Feb. 6, 1937 d. June  17, 1994
                                           m. 1st. C. Patrick HARVEY
                                                                      2nd. Raymond NOVAK

xi.  Edward Vincent SMITH       m. Frances RIDENOUR Smith   d. Dec. 11, 2009

xii.  Geraldine A. SMITH   b.  May 28, 1940 d. Feb. 14, 1997

William M. Smith
Henry Smith
Donnie Isadora O'quinn
wife of Henry Smith