Descendants of John B. Small

    My Direct Line is highlighted in RED

    Generation No. 1

    1.  JOHN B. SMALL was born 1770.  He married (1) ISABELLA.    He married (2) MARY HOOD February 07,
    1850, daughter of RUBEN HOOD and JANE IRWIN.    He married (3) MRS. MARY GARY March 07, 1853.  

    Notes for MARY HOOD:
    SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Spring 1980, No. 2, p.76
    South Carolina, Lancaster District. In the Court of Ordinary, in the matter of Mary Small's will. Whereas John B.
    Small has notified me that he requires the paper purporting to be the will of Mary Small late of said district,
    deceased, to be proved…Alexander Franklin Nisbet, administrator with the will annexed of the said Mary Small
    has filed his petition with a similar prayer, and it appearing that James Hood, Reuben Hood, John Lemons and
    Margaret his wife, Mary Bain, Elizabeth Bain, Samuel Bain and Jane his wife, John Hood, Deborah Glass, and the
    children of Robert Hood, dec'd, names unknown; nost of whom are legateas under the will and all of whom would
    have been entitled to a distributive share of the estate, if the deceased had died intestate, reside without the
    limits of this state. These are therefore to notify, require, cite and admonish the said James Hood, Reuben Hood,
    John Lemons and wife, Margaret, Mary Bain, Wm. Townsend, Jane Bain, Elizabeth Bain, Samuel Bain and Jane
    his wife, John Hood, D. Glass and the children of Rob't Hood, together with John B. Small, Thos McDow and Jane
    E, his wife, Alex. F. Nesbit, and first Presbytery of the associate reformed synod of the South, or the representive
    (sic) of that body… to appear before me on Monday 10th of April 1854…24 Dec 1853. J. H. Witherspoon, O. L.
    D. (Ibid.)
    Children of JOHN SMALL and ISABELLA are:
       i.        ESTHER SMALL, m. MOSES KIRKLAND.
       ii.        DELILA SMALL, m. LEVI BLACKMON.
       iii.        JOHN S. SMALL, m. (1) DELLA; m. (2) MARY M. BELK.
       iv.        MARY DILLA SMALL, m. REV. JOSEPH SMALL.
    2.       v.        URIAH SMALL, b. 1806; d. February 17, 1880.
    3.        vi.        MANERVA JANE SMALL, b. 1807.

    Generation No. 2

    2.  URIAH SMALL (JOHN B.1) was born 1806, and died February 17, 1880.  He married ELIZABETH January 28,
    Children of URIAH SMALL and ELIZABETH are:
    4.        i.        JAMES P .SMALL, b. 1830.
       ii.        ANDREW JACKSON SMALL, b. 1834; m. ELIZABETH A. KING.
       iii.        MINERVA SMALL, b. 1836; m. SAMUEL B. INGRAM.

    3.  MANERVA JANE2 SMALL (JOHN B.1) was born 1807.  She married ALLEN TYE.  He was born 1804 in NC.
    Children of MANERVA SMALL and ALLEN TYE are:
       i.        JOHN V. B TYE, b. 1843.
       ii.        FRANCES GALE TYE, b. 1849.

    Generation No. 3

    4.  JAMES P. SMALL (URIAH2, JOHN B.1) was born 1830.  He married (1) MARTHA LEWIS.  She was born in
    Alabama.  He married (2) LUCINDA ESTRIDGE.  
    Children of JAMES SMALL and MARTHA LEWIS are:
       i.        MINERVA SMALL.
       ii.       BENJAMIN W. SMALL, b. 1850.
       iii.       MARY A. SMALL, b. 1851.
       iv.       STEPHEN A. SMALL, b. 1852.
       v.       AARON SMALL, b. December 1852.
       vi.      THOMAS R. SMALL, b. June 1858.
       vii.      NANCY E. SMALL, b. 1859.
       viii.     MARTHA JANE SMALL, b. January 1865; d. November 14, 1908.

    Children of JAMES SMALL and LUCINDA ESTRIDGE are:
       ix.        ALICE SMALL, b. 1876.
       x.        JAMES W. SMALL, b. 1878.

    Generation No. 4

    5.  MARTHA JANE SMALL (JAMES P.3, URIAH2, JOHN B.1) was born January 1865, and died November 14,
    1908.  She married JARRETT ANDERSON BOWERS, son of EDWARD BOWERS and HANNAH HILL.  He was
    born September 02, 1862 in Lancaster, SC, and died December 23, 1923 in Lancaster, SC.
    Children of MARTHA SMALL and JARRETT BOWERS are:
       i.        JOHN EDWARD5 BOWERS, b. 1886, Lancaster, SC; d. 1971, Lancaster, SC; m. (1) NANNIE UNKNOWN;
    m. (2) MARTHA UNKNOWN1.

       ii.        GEORGE W. BOWERS, b. January 12, 1904, Lancaster, SC; d. July 16, 1928, Lancaster, SC.

       iii.        PEARL BOWERS.
       iv.        DOSHIE BOWERS.
       v.        MARY JANE BOWERS, b. December 05, 1880, Lancaster, SC; d. February 05, 1891,   Lancaster

       vi.        NATHANIEL J. BOWERS, b. February 13, 1883, Lancaster, SC; d. September 22, 1904, Lancaster, SC.
       vii.        BENJAMIN F. BOWERS, b. 1891, Lancaster, SC; d. Charleston, SC.

       viii.        HENRY JACKSON MAXWELL BOWERS, b. May 07, 1893, Lancaster, SC; d. November 06, 1970,
    McColl, SC; m. (1) MAUD ADA VINCENT, 1910; b. September 11, 1895, Lancaster, SC; d. May 12, 1932,
    Lancaster, SC; m. (2) ANNIE MAE ARRANT, Abt. 1934; m. (3) LOUISE, Abt. 1942.

       ix.        COLUMBUS N. BOWERS2, b. July 18, 1907, Lancaster, SC; d. June 07, 1908, Lancaster, SC.
       x.        LILLIE BOWERS, b. 1898, Lancaster, SC; m. REECE VINCENT; b. April 27, 1893, Lancaster, SC;  d.
    March 26, 1950, Lancaster, SC.


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