Easter Through the Years
At Granny and Grandpa Smith's
Brunswick, Georgia
Easter 1950
Gail Usher (in bonnet walking) Aunt Vick (O'Quinn) Miller). Larmar Smith (in stroller) Bertie Robson, Patsy Robson (little
girl with back to camer)  Rosa Winnell Smith (kneeling)  Susan Smith (me-child behind Rosa Winnell), Franklin Smith(sta
ding and swinging arms), Roscoe Smith (sitting)Edward Smith (with large basket) Nora Smith, Geraldine Smith,(child)
Jewell (Bowers) Smith, Dorothy Robson, Granny-Donnie O'Quinn Smith
Susan Smith
Gail Usher
Dianne Smith
Susan, Dianne, Geraldine Smith, Gail User, Patsy Robson
           Gail                                            Susan                                       Dianne                         
Gail Usher, Dianne & Susan Smith
Mama (Jewell Bowers Smith) & Dianne
Dianne Smith with Uncle Carnell Smith